Life Architect Consulting
ABN: 56 043 553 738

Now booking for: October/November 2018 (introduction sessions may be available earlier)

Please note that my coaching practice is booked well ahead, but I will make time to speak with you! It is important to me that I be able to serve those who are open and ready to see their lives more clearly (both adults and children).

If your child needs to find the right school, see an education consultant.
If your child needs IQ testing, see a specialist psychologist.
If your child needs help with depression or anxiety, see a psychotherapist.
If your child needs a diagnosis for another exceptionality, see a paediatrician.
If your child is ready to realise their capacity and reveal their brilliance, come and see me; that’s what I do!

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Alan works internationally both in person and via Skype.

Coaching clients are in Australia (Perth, Mandurah, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Noosa), Malaysia, HK, China (Shanghai), Singapore, UK (London), USA (NYC, Phoenix). Some clients attend institutions including Johns Hopkins, Yale, and Oxbridge.

Coaching clients are bright families with children from eight years old, or high performing adults of any age.