Popular. The top resources here include Integrated AI, Elon Musk’s gifted school, and Visualising brightness. The top three best-selling books are Bright, People like me, and Welcome.

Families. I specialise in supporting families around the world with personal development in areas such as confidence, persistence, resilience, expression, cheerleading, and personal responsibility.

High ability and prodigies. I love working worldwide with families to help foster and engage in deliberate life design for children with high ability. I provide my own model of giftedness, a new IQ chart with additional conversions, a look inside the advanced brain, descriptions of gifted, talented, genius, and prodigy, support for parents in advocating for acceleration and other provisions, recommended resources by age group, and I continue offering coaching as the most effective tool available for high ability.

Research. My work is backed by research and literature review from the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School, and the International Coach Federation, among others. My research on intuition in smart people was completed in 2021. I am currently playing with the role of AI in supplementing and replacing our biological intelligence. This site is also a host for famous articles like ‘Brains on fire’ (Feide, 2004), and some of Professor Miraca Gross’ work including ‘Small poppies’ (1999) and ‘Intimacy’ (1989).

Resources. You may enjoy browsing my selection of videos, books (see the sidebar), and articles

Philanthropy. If you’d like to speak about investing in or donating to major projects, these currently include the confidential design of an international gifted institute for children, and funded research into intuition and AI. You may also consider contributing to scholarships made available to family coaching clients.

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