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Life Architect provides written advocacy services for families with high-ability children.

This acceleration report provides a plain English interpretation of your child’s IQ score into real mental age and grade recommendations for the following five years. It has a current acceptance success rate of 92% (for the 18 month period February 2018-August 2019), and is useful for submission through the school (Department of Education), and for families who move schools frequently through systems, like the Department of Defence.

Releasing the brakes (acceleration) recommendation report
This brief acceleration report is a “plain English” interpretation of psychometric (IQ) testing results, as well as recommendations based on international best practice. Reports are designed in consultation with the full family: parent and child. Please get in contact if you would like an acceleration report designed for your family. Please note that Life Architect does not provide in-person acceleration advocacy with schools, except by invitation from the school principal or administration.

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