Alan is a dynamic and engaging speaker with a talent for making serious topics playful, and turning play into serious impact.

Alan has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with families of Gifted Children. His friendly manner made his audience feel comfortable asking questions. We were grateful to have him share his message about the importance of combining IQ with persistence and resilience.

– Tanya Atherton. Head of Gifted and Talented. Sacred Heart College. Perth, Australia.


You were the best out of all the speakers in the whole conference… You look like you really enjoy it… I’d read the national report already, but you really brought it to life; I learnt some new things!

– Audience member at the 2016 National Conference on Giftedness


Sitting through eight hours of other speakers was worth it, just to hear you speak at the end of the day. Your way of presenting brilliance and high performance is fantastic!

– Audience member at the 2015 International Conference on Giftedness and Talent Development

Alan presents seminars and workshops at many state, national, and international conferences. He also runs programs for schools, including teacher professional development. Each topic can be delivered as a 2-hour stand-alone presentation, workshop (if appropriate), or a keynote address (60 minutes).

Please get in contact if you have an upcoming conference or workshop you’d like Alan to be a part of.


Alan delivering professional development to teachers at Perth Modern School, Australia, ahead of the 2017 school year.



Most-requested speaking topics

For teachers

The Teacher Coach. Workshop combining coaching elements from America.

Positive Education. Findings and practical application of the latest research.

Gifted & talented. Core concepts, including acceleration options in Australia.

Potential vs performance. How to guide students from capacity to performance.

Being vs doing. Self-care for teachers, includes work by Dr Greg Baer (“Real love”).

Superpowers. Key traits of high performers, what they need, and how they thrive.

For parents

Bright to brilliant. Internal brightness must be nurtured to shine brilliantly. An eye- opening talk for parents and teachers, and anyone who works with bright children.

Promoting passionate persistence. “Persistence matters twice as much as IQ”. By multiplying existing skill, talents, and knowledge, students are encouraged to thrive.

Confidence: More compelling than smarts. Building self-esteem at an early age is vital in allowing children to flourish. Hear theory and practice of this urgent trait.

For students and children

Lego Serious Play. Workshop-style presentation for small groups. Derived from a consulting process commissioned by Lego themselves, and created by Swiss Professors.

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