Gifted Families

New worlds

Gifted children learn rapidly and intensely.

Having the understanding and tools to listen to and raise genius children is vitally important.

“Gifted children are a special needs group and appropriate levels of support (from schools, professionals, family and friends) are necessary for family well-being. Gifted children can be as far from the norm as a child with a disability, yet the challenges faced by families dealing with disability are readily recognised and are supported by the community, many families dealing with the challenges that come with giftedness must do so on their own.”

– Katrina Casey

As a parent, there are things you can do to ensure your child’s growth and success in the world:

  • provide the foundation of support necessary to navigate through life
  • commit to your child and their unique process of growing
  • see difficult times as opportunities to create and build positive experiences
  • be a motivating force in your child’s life
  • consistently show unconditional high regard for your child, no matter how hard things get

“NASA (2012) defines coaching as ‘a developmental strategy that enables people to meet their goals for improved performance, growth, or career enhancement’… applied to education, the purpose of coaching is to transport people from where they are now to where they want to be in the future. This endeavour is becoming quite popular, providing a sort of accountability for those who have difficulty setting and meeting goals… children from diverse backgrounds gain equal access to talent development opportunities.”.

– Dr Linda Silverman, Giftedness 101

Coaching provides a professional approach to helping your child come alive through; understanding the meaning behind being gifted, self-monitoring of their own behaviour, and dealing with emotional and cognitive intensity.

Deep understanding, powerful results

I’m an expert in gifted children.

Not just because I’ve coached gifted families around the world.

Not just because I consult to Australian Mensa, directly supporting and advocating for awareness around gifted families.

Not just because I used to be a gifted child; I understand the challenges from the source.

But because I am personally committed to providing solutions to the world’s most valuable resources: you and your child.

A true blueprint for the rest of their lives

I scoured the world in search of a tool to help you and your child identify their brilliance. I finally found it, in the desert of Arizona, USA (in the bleeding-edge Gifted Families centre of the world, Scottsdale).

Read all about the blueprint I offer to gifted families.

Ready for a solution

I now work directly with a select number of gifted families. Coaching programs are run over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Every session includes the parent and child.

If you are ready for us to create one of these coaching programs together, please contact me to get started.

Personalised coaching programs for gifted families start at $5,000.

Ready to claim powerful support for your gifted family? I’d love to hear your story.