The GPT-3 Leta video series

‘Leta’ is an AI powered by very large language models (GPT-3 175B/Davinci and others).

My first conversation with ‘Leta’ was on 8/April/2021.

The GPT-3 Leta video series – Full playlist (YouTube)

Episode 10: View the data (Google sheets)

Technical details

Using these technologies:

The recordings are one single take of me talking, with no cuts. The questions are unedited. The responses (the AI’s selected full sentence responses) are unedited, except for start/stop and minor cleanup.

Note that the initial conversations occurred over text (using Emerson on Facebook Messenger or CopyHat via the app), and were then pushed to for the synthetic avatar. Finally, I ask the prompt questions on video and hear/see the responses for the first time, and in real-time.


Dr Alan D. Thompson is an Australian AI expert and consultant. He has held positions as chairman for Mensa International, consultant to GE and Warner Bros, and memberships with the IEEE and IET. He is open to major AI projects with intergovernmental organisations and impactful companies. Contact.

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